My Name Made More Universal

Talking with my boy Filthy Rich who is also apart of the Ties and Crowbar, I began to sit back and analyze how I’m going to go about my blog as a whole. My boy Filthy Rich aka The Guru has put me on to the fashion game early in my life. My Grandfather who was my biggest influence in life only started me in the right direction. As I get older I have grown to absorb the things around and start to use these things as a strong influence. From music to just random things. My blog will cover these things. It will cover everything that I have grown up liking and have grown up with. With alot of input from others and the fans alike. I am not starting this blog to compete with the many other blogs I love to view and respect. But I am creating this blog so that every one can catch a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of DAP!.


I present the official wordpress sponsored website… Ties and Crowbars…


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