One Of The Best Denim Shops On The Web


“Being the big denim head that I am.. I have always kept a couple places stashed in the back of my mind to quench my fix.. I know there are alot of denim heads out there who can relate to what I’m talking about.. I am talkin about the original heads who don’t give a shit of the design behind the pocket .. But instead care about the quality.. the selvedge print.. and most of all the wash.. the distress of the jean.. and how well can you break in to that muthafucka.. are one of those stores I’ve stumbled across on the web and have greatly honored the denim.. The fact that they are bigging up Evisu still is impressive… Evisu is one of the best denim companies of this era… regardless of the bandwagon riders who put them on the back-burner. “

– Dap


Click here to check out the website


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