Saggin ??? – has the fad run out


“We salute the decision from a Florida judge who recently deemed that the ban onwalking while black baggy pants is unconstitutional. Still, the anti-pants sagging law remains in other parts of the U.S., so the issue isn’t going away soon.

While we don’t condone racial profiling under the guise of fashion-policing, there are some fashion trends out there that people do deserve to be locked up for. ”

 – Complex


“Watching the VMA’s this year and seeing the disgust portrayed by Lil’ Wayne it has made me believe that saggin’ has become  long played. At times my jeans do fall a lil below the boxer line. But can you honestly tell me .. in todays day in age.. anyone one individual  who wears their pants directly over their boxer line and walk comfortable.. I say personally if you are saggin’ dont try.. Just let the jean fall on you comfortable. .. If it falls a lil under the waste line.. that’s exactly how the jean should fit you.. and if you can comfortably walk in them then do so… But when you are on the VMA’s and you can barely move on stage and your walking like your legs are tied … then you not only look uncomfortable but…like an Idiot… “




















Check out more on the top 5 fashion trends that should be banned.. (complex)


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One response to “Saggin ??? – has the fad run out

  1. lwillforever

    LOL i hear ya, he look like a straight up fool…

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