The Orginator – Mr.Furley


I was never a fan of three is company.. I can honestly say that was before my time… As far as catching up with the ‘ol school.. I am an adamant fan of Nick at Nite… especially when there is a Cosby marathon… Don’t lie people.. I know everyone thought Denise would have been the drop dead gorgeous one before we found out Rudy was going to end up “wet dream” material. I can honestly say aside from watching and digging the styles of the past era.. Everyone has to give honor when its due.. If for must of you who don’t know who this man is.. His name is Mr.Furley and was the landlord in the show.. He also was one of the freshest muthafuckas alive..

“Peep the Scarf.. Wore it Before Kanye did..” 


Swag Splashed 


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One response to “The Orginator – Mr.Furley

  1. filthy rich

    Vanessa or Denise?
    Denise was Lisa Bonet aka Mrs. Lenny Kravitz that was the fine one to me.

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