“Filthy’s Rugby Sighting”

Peep The Hood (DAPPA)


“For most of you who don’t know.. I am a very big Rugby fan.. I’ve been wearing rugby shirts from as far back as I can remember (3rd Grade) …Even though , I don’t officially play the sport or seen it played in person.. I dress as though I just stepped off of the field.. everything from the patches to the varsity jacket.. Filthy who I believe has grown to love the Rugby movement as a whole.. has taken it upon himself to point out every rugby he wants.. Hey… I am not saying I originally started a movement.. but what I can say is that I helped start a following.. I’m tryna bring that Wu-Feelin’ back… That Raekwon and Ghostface look…. When they were just Lo’ed out.. Y’all don’t remember..”



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