Louis Vuitton x Pharrell



” I’m looking outside right now..  and It’s looking like a mess in the NC.. and at the same time.. I have decided to sell my flat screen television that I’ve owned from freshman year..So to watch the news in the enjoyment of my dorm is out the question. . It’s a heartbreak.. But I’ve found a new love in my Mac. I’m never turning back to the ways of the PC… the only way I will is if I find out that Steve works for the Klu Klux Klan ( crossing fingers).. and even so the Mac is just so much of a statement… At times I feel like when I pull out my Mac its like… holding a new piece of luggage from Louis… Yeah and just profile and stunt with the nice denim.. and just because I’m not hip to game.. I’ll where some red converse.. to keep it basic.. and because of that .. I can wear the Louis scarve and the new aviators. and just pose for the cameras while  looking for my keys to the new “SUZIE LOVE’s RICKY”.. (peep the new black and checkerboard)  … 


It’s getting late and I’m tryna get up and run in the morning.. get back in Roy Mode ( Roy Jones in 2003).. “

– Dap


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