Who is Brian Donnelly?


“Writing about this guy is an honor in itself and infact has caused me to view art in a different way.. If anyone has any art from this man please let me know.. I am willing to spend a pretty penny.. I am a big fan of  his clothing, artwork, or just anything he touches.. cuz eventually it turns golden.. It may be seeming as though I am going in to much about a person i don’t know … But in a world in where a lot has gone bland.. its a sigh of relief to see someone who views life through a different set of specs.. I guess only artist can relate to this… because … If and when I meet the mad genius I already have an idea of a tattoo I want him to sketch. (yea art is a big deal) … For most people who don’t know? .. I am referring to KAWS.. who.. hands down is one of the best or the best graffitti artist alive right now.. and if you name one better.. I’ll have to take your money.. because there Isn’t any… The man thinks so outside the box he is basically sketching two X’s on them.. Loved by many and collected by all.. Kaws.. Orginal Fake or what ever trademark he may go by he is an influence to Dap.” 

“So I recommend you all to check out his pictures throughout my blog because I will be keeping a KAWS sighting on deck for every week.. So be on the look out for that..” 


– Dap


Click to check out a brief video documentary of a KAWS.. and his early work


Click this to read a brief background of the artist 


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