Kaws x Marc Jacobs x Ballet?



“Marc Jacobs realizing talent when he sees it took the genius under his wing for a 10thanniversary celebration of the self titled brand with these exclusive ballet shoes. A big fan of both individuals work, it is not wrong for me to post this up. Even though I wont buy it for myself … I would buy it for a female.. But being that Dap is single at the moment … this good moment will just have to pass by.. So for all the ladies reading my blog.. Holla atchaboy.. Because moments like these don’t come by often” . So for all of all the ladies who are willing to spend a pretty penny on these… they are only 150 pairs.. and are being sold at the Marc Jacobs store in New York, Colette in Paris, and the Original-Fake store in Tokyo… with the release date aiming at Monday, September 29th.”

Marc Jacobs + Kaws = Masterpiece

– Dap


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