“Lemar and Dauley are one of those clothing lines.. no matter how much you love to hate.. They have changed the way people dress and listen to music…As well as the people who make the music have found ways to incorporate the Dauley lifestyle like

U-N-I, The Cool Kids and Pac Div…(Mental Recap) Yo!..I remember the first time I saw a Dauley sweat shirt…It was the Mike Tyson joint that a guy was wearing on the 3 train …I could remember it like it was yesterday …. It was a grey one too.. with a Nike Box sticker on the bottom back of the sweater… I knew I had to have everything they made…and it happened… I met up with Rodney and his brother in StackHouse when it was right next door from Supreme in NYC…I remembered that I wanted the B.I.G. hoody that they had… It was the first time i dropped 120 on a sweater before…I prized it because it had spread love its the brooklyn way on the back with the nike shoe box sticker on the back.. ’till this day I cherish that sweater like gold.. even with grease stains and all.. from the Dauley crew put me on to all their latest threads… I remember them being located across the street from Stackhouse in a Japanese Shoe store.. in the storage room.. cooking up some ill clothes listening to the Wu…But as time moves on people move on.. its  crazy how life is …now to see them perfecting their brand and becoming noticed as a lifestyle… has been truly a vision come through…”



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One response to “LEMAR and DAULEY ’08

  1. filthyrich1

    interesting use of photoshop but i wished it showed the clothes more and not the model.

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