11 Days Away From My Baby!!!!!

Has it really been 11 days that I’ve abandoned you guys… damn .. Don’t worry I’ve counted everyday in anguish… Whelp.. last week was homecoming week at the Zoo and to say the most.. It was actually pretty decent.. different from any other homecoming.. more family based… took a lot of pictures and parlayed with a lot of the folk.. but while i was away i’ve collected alot of info.. more into the political race than ever ( better late than never)… I hope you guys are planning to vote.. i know it sounds cliche… but this election by far has been a historical event to take part in… lol… o yeah and raven symone came to my school.. wow.. what an experience to see someone i had a crush on just fall apart.. damn she got fat.. fatty mcfat fat fat.. But… as you know the weather has taken the turn for the cold.. and I just got word from Band of Outsiders that they have something in store for the Burrr… Real Fresh!!!!

-Dap! is Back!



Modeled By: Photographer Paul Jasmin

All taken with a Polaroid Camera


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