Chanel X Central Park


I know I know… I promised some people that I would post a video at 12 .. But it looks like wordpress isn’t having that.. or I just don’t know how to post it… But tomorrow… I promise, I will have it up and running.. and if all else fails It will be up on facebook .. just for the heck of it… But on the serious note… Chanel has taken part in a mobile art tour where a Gynormous structure resembling a Chanel Bag is touring the six major fashion cities of the world  (Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, London, Moscow, and Paris)  … Yesterday marked the  grand opening of the New York City leg of the tour… 20 artists from all parts of the globe will display their work inside the structure.. Admission is free and the tour will will be held Midtown Manahattan near Rumsey’s Playfield in Central Park.. The tour will continue on until the 20th of November…

– Dap

Check Out for more Info



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