The Bomb Squad

It’s About Fuckin’ time…real hip hop being introduced to the game… I mean excluding the rubbish from Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth… and that’s about it.. I mean I’m not hating at all.. Its not something that I enjoy doing.. Its corny.. But.. I am a critic of music… I’m such a fair critic.. that …I’ll be that dude who would download your album and listen to it in its entirety.. let it sit in my Itunes for a day .. and play two songs that I liked and then trash it.. But amongst the rubbish that is produced from the Sonic the Hedgehog lover and the new aged Vanilla Ice … it is far better than what’s being mass produced.. So its about time that XXL has earned it’s stripes with this one… Big UP’s to the illest color (BLU), Hot Spitta and Cory Gunz and all the “Rookies”… for gracing the cover of a prestigious Mag ( while all of them remaining dapper)….. But Hol’ Up (Screeeeech!!!) What about PAC Div…. AGGHHHH … I guess They’ll find out one of these days..


More Pics after the Jump


O YEAH THEY DID FREESTYLES TOO…Check Out Hot Spitta and Cory Gunz.. Spit Something ILL

Courtesy of World Star Hip-Hop


Vodpod videos no longer available.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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