Jeff x Wallets

Alright… For most of you who know me in college … can pretty much outline my daily routine… and for most who knows me real well, know that .. that routine involves raleigh/morning times ( yeah.. they have the best burgers and soups in North Carolina … hands down)… and when it gets real cold.. I am a die hard fan of their Hot Chocolate.. I can’t say their food is the all out best I’ve tasted.. But when you are in a resteraunt/cafe that has a believable concept behind it.. you are almost gauranteed to become enslaved to it.. (great example: Starbucks..Frappucino.. need I say more).. But what makes me come back every morning and almost evrery night to eat at the place are the people who work there.. They have a mix between I don’t care I woke up this morning with my favorite jeans on approach to work.. and I like that… amongst the workers.. I’ve grown to become great friends with Jeff ( who is a fixed biker, sky diver, and wallet maker all in one bubble).. with me being a fan of the fashion world,art world and the likes of.. as well as Raleigh being so damn small.. I just so happen to see Jeff every where.. especially on first fridays ( a celebrated art and fashion event in Raleigh).. and then in one of those early morning addict runs to the Morning Times for a Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Roll.. Jeff Pulls Out… a wallet.. right.. right.. well.. I look at the wallet… and it dawned on me.. that this isn’t.. made from leather.. it’s in fact made with the material you use for parade banners… So he tells me that he has always been a fan of wallets and he is making wallets out of everything.. So I asked him about ….. What about leather… and then he went crazy… Light Bulbs flew.. 

Jeff x Wallets = Dap




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