Kaws x Big Apple


YESSSSS!!!!!.. my prayers are finally answered…. and my last first semester is almost over… Thank You God… and If you don’t Know what I’m cheering about… take a look at the title.. Yeah… Kaws x Big Apple…. Baby.. at the Gering & Lopez Gallery.. from Nov.6 – Dec. 23..and It’s free…Please people I recommend that you take part in this .. it only happens once every blue moon.. There are going to be X’s every where.. I’ma definitely have my camera in full swing… A vacation away from the school and God has granted me the best Christmas present ever.. But.. What would make it snow… is if I happen get my hands on a framed piece of art work from the man himself.. or am I asking to much.. (fixing shirt)… yea sometimes art can get the best of me.. man.. but so can a fat ass.. And to finally capture a glimpse of KAWS’s thought bubble all you can do is be in awe .. you feel me… 


Kaws x Big Apple = Timeless


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