A Long Time Comin’



Man its been a while… I know many of you are saying… damn dap .. what is up .. you don’t love us anymore.. well if you are thinking that… have no fear.. you guys have been on  my mind.. I don’t know if its procrastination.. but when you are overwhelmed with work.. you tend to put aside the things you love for when you have the time.. because when you indulge in the things you love over priority… well.. lets just say as a college student you’ll end up on a 10 yr student plan.. But from my time away.. I realized that being black is no longer a mistake in this country but rather an opportunity… right now being black is like having the black card.. the elite group of people that we are and have become to society.. See, I already knew it, when I saw white women with asses and filled lips… and models no longer are sticks but are “exotic” (another word for black maybe).. or is it just me.. Aside from the election that took the world, media, and society by storm.. I am now an employee at the “crew”.. i know i know.. its only for the winter.. trust and believe.. POLO.. is me.. baby.. I’m not leaving my Rubgys, Vintage Jeans, Purple Label, Cashmere, and Fine Linens… let’s just say I’m taking a leave of absence until i can devote my full time to You (Polo)..

It’s been almost three weeks and you know me.. I’ma go full time this week to hit y’all over the heads with the word…

Band of Outsider x Sperry  ( as seen above )

what do they call that .. Oh yeah … Hybrid.. well I call it the clash of the two beasts.

(a boot x boat shoe)..

Damn… I am Copping these ..SHEEESH (money well spent)




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