Sexy Number 77


Aston Martin takes the number 77 and made it their bitch … Something that you can get easy with a car like this… As jay explained it.. I hope that you listened to that song once in your life (sisters and bitches).. if not well.. you just missed it.. (yeah).. According to the good folks at NotCot, Aston Martin just launched their One-77 model… where then number 77 also marks the amount of cars that will be produced to the world. Why 77? well because two sevens seemed luckier than a 7 and a 5″ according to Chief Designer Marek Relchmann…and of course, being that you have to be an all out baller to take part in this event … there will be a 2,000,0000 pound deposit just to get an appointment (don’t worry .. the pound is still shitting on the dollar).. I repeat just to get an appointment … Crazy Right?.. well a hundred people are interested .. goes to show you that a recession doesn’t mean shit to some…


Check out the video and more pics after the jump

Vodpod videos no longer available.






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