The Tie Guy


David Hart who is a graduate of FIT (the school I will be attending next year) also known as the Tie Guy has taken it upon himself to follow the footsteps of the greats (ralph lauren, and soon Band of Outsiders) in starting his own tie company…(I’m guessing its his own name).. but the good folks at valetmag state that David Hart prime focus are different materials and designs for his ties.. you know… Sock Monkeys to Saddle Shoes, Horse Hair Canvas (a material found in well tailored suits)… 

According to Hart “he is currently getting his ducks in a row to move  below the neck” (pause)

Hart also worked for big companies like Anna Sui and Tommy Hilfiger so be on the look out for this menace of the tie.. I will.. because only the greats understand that the essentials are what make the outifit… aside from the disposable t-shirt companies out there.. a brand that understands fashion as a whole will last the length of the road.. and it seems that this is becoming rooted in the younger generation..

Well Respected

David Hart’s ties will be available at Berdgorf Goodman and David Hart & Co. on February with regular ties starting at $150 and Bow Ties $115



I don’t know whats up with BET but they are officialy the worse channel ever.. “Memphitz” what is that.. Damn Gina.. where are the classics man.. YO..MTV.. Raps maybe? 

check out the David Hart’s silent instructional how to tie a Bow Tie video after the jump


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  1. Dani

    Love his tartans and robot tie! Rumor is all his ties are union made in America….nice to be able to support local fashion in a time like this…..

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