Barack x Seinfield ?


According to the good folks at the New York Times (aka The Genius Tablet) Barack Obama’ fashion has deminished.. or .. should I say … fallen off… since he has been elected into a critique and an observer of style.. I can agree with Professor Andrew Ross (social analysis at NYU) when he stated that “There are just too many traps involving black male stereotypes that Obama could fall into. He’s likely to be on guard.”.. This is in response too… the opinionated Journalist Cathy Horn .. who said that “President Obama dresses like Jerry Seinfeld” (Athletic Shirt xLoose Fit Jeans x Tic Tac White .. I dunno if they are nike Kicks.. I know your saying.. come on dave it’s hard enough to be the first black president.. But, I’m talking style .. So i commend the Obama for keeping it safe.. because once he is caught wearing a pair of  Timberland Boots and a Fubu Jersey.. black people will be set back 4,000 years.. being the master mind he is.. I can’t knock the fact he has to dress like a funny jewish man (which sucks)… Which leads me to say.. in my opinion that Kennedy had it easy.. to be fresh.. But, not only he had  it is easy.. he made it look easy too.. 

Check It

Tailored Brooks Brother Suits x Rolled up Khaki’s x Boat Shoes x Wayfarer Glasses = The Fitzgerald




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