Dubai x World’s Largest Mall


It’s terrible outside.. and in turn .. ended up as one of those lazy friday afternoons… hopefully I will be able to hit up a club or something to take my mind off of the weather.. School work continues to pile.. and my once fun-loving job.. is turning into a nightmare on elms street.. I don’t know about you.. But I hate rainy days in the winter… maybe a summer shower.. but winter rain… is just the worst…

Nov. 10th marked the day that the first phase of the World’s biggest mall is built.. According to Ritu Upadhyay (writer for DNR) the building will level in  At 5.6 million square feet of retail space, claiming the crown for the worlds largest mall. The mall will house 1,200 stores plus 160 food and beverage outlets, it is expected to attract 30 million visitors in its first year. And while Dubai, like the rest of the world’s economies, is experiencing a slowdown, the mall is poised to do brisk business in this major shopping and leisure destination.”





Does anyone know anyone with land in Dubai.. a backyard or something.. 

I’m tryna get that “ARAB MONEY”


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  1. Oh my god 5.6 million square feet and 1200 stores. Dubai is the gold mine for shoppers.

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