Mickey Factz’s Road To Achievement Ep.6


I must say that I haven’t been keeping up with the road to achievement documentary … But for some reason .. I feel like I should… now seeing the progress made from these  three rappers.. especially from Charles Hamilton.. (who 2 weeks ago I bashed.. for his lack of lyricism and talent)… and of course Cory Gunz just does what he does.. and that is to in a helium pitched voice.. take apart every word.. that comes to mind… and Mickey.. I totally understand what he was feeling that night… because it was a prolific one … for one .. (you will only understand this if you rap) I know for sure it’s not just me .. but why are the hottest sixteen bars of your life are said when no one is there to witness? …. or different scenario..  when the camera’s aren’t rolling… where I went in and when it’s time to remember you totally forget but you … went in prior  … right? … Because… It is very rare that you can capture an artist when he is totally zoned and hitting you with some straight John Blaze Shit.. right… or .. is it just me.. well if you understand me totally … then you can appreciate this video in its entirety…


– Dap



Charles Hamilton in this Video > Charles Hamilton


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