The Twins


If you are from New York and you are aware of the fashion scene … you probably know or have spotted these two (or if you don’t get to know them) walking around Soho,NYC… It’s amazing how I have seen these guys change from store rats into Fashion Icons over a period of three years (and they are still young).. It’s like fashion times two.. not only will you hate the fact that he is fresh… but the fact that he is styling on you twice as hard… (Note: studies show that there is always one twin who completely goes astray from the other)… The resume behind these two are pretty solidified.. from what I have seen … they have modeled for BBC… NO Mas (Christopher Isenberg x Dee & Ricky) .. A.NY.THING and a lot of others.. Now they are both pushing and sporting an idea that ended up as the  trademark for KANYE’s 808 & Heartbreak album… Lego Hearts anyone… Yea they are the originators of the Lego Hearts… Yeah.. the same Lego Hearts that are being pinned on every style inclined oxford… 

peep the fact they found a way to incorporate an etch a sketch pad to a belt… 

Oh and did I mention they are Musicians.. (now I’m mad)

Check out the Website





Marc Jacobs x Twins = Yea.. Jealous aren’t you..


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