That’s exactly what I have become… I have officially given the cold shoulder to society.. BUT .. it has been done  in good reason.. let me explain.. For most of you who are in the same boot as I.. knows.. that senior year in any situation will always be the most hard fought year (paper work, dues, and unnecessary bullshit.. just give me my diploma) .... for fear of repeating another semester.. So.. In my case.. for fear investing in another semester.. you know what i did.. I straight buckled down for a straight month and gave school my undivided attention. … and since.. Finals week has finally taken a bow …  I can now walk-out on stage to receive my applause.. 

 So…  I’m guessing you guys are thinking.. WTF.. is wrong with Dap… right.. saying to yourselves “I am tired of seeing that same post”..


well I’m back.. “Vacation has officially been summoned”… 





Check out The Highlights from my hard fought Fall Semester after the jump

The Highlights from my hard fought Fall Semester:

– Sleeping on a bed with no sheets ( first 3 days of school)

– Shaw was labeled as 27 mil in debt (ouch!.. I want my DEGREE)

– Every Journalist in town giving me the cold shoulder

– Barack Obama Won (ran throughout raleigh screaming the victory)

– Chris Rock, Tatianna Ali, Raven Symone visited my campus

– Couldn’t finish my collaboration with Raleigh Times (matter of fact it never took off)

– J. Crew hired me 

– Receiving a “glorious” one day out of the week to work (THAT SUCKS)

– Sleeping on a couch for the remainder of the semester because the mens dormitory was victim to a flood (due to an old sprinkler system)

– I Was Robbed ( the final week of school)

– My writing was Published in the Triangle Tribune 

– Enjoyed Thanksgiving away from Fam

– Finally found a decent barber (at 9 beans a cut .. you can’t beat that)

– Shaw’s Men’s Basketball team finally received some talent

– Mass Comm. Department officially made me the man I am for next semester

Being both black Eyed and bruised innternally from a full 12 round match with this years fall semester, I can finally kick up my feet and relax.. and receive my “W” in good stride… BECAUSE I RECIEVED an A.. (I am only stressing an A.. because no other class posted their grades.. But.. I’ll keep you guys posted)..  I mean .. It’s Not like you guys Care (really lets be honest…Lol J/K)

Come On ’09 .. I’m ready for another 12 rounds

– Dap


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