Intro – Okay okay I’m back… and I have no reason to be modest.. this is my last semester or should I say… my last few weeks.. and I am loosing “friends”…. and gaining connects.. because grimy is what alot of people want me to become.. so that’s what I will become…. I’m not one  to rant or vent.. but when you box me in a corner I only get stronger.. bigger headed.. and those last 50 pushups I was to lazy to do before … well lets just say im benching two 45 plates on each side right now.. (weight lifters know).. 

Body – I have taken it amongst myself to put aside clothes and immediate fixes.. and invested in this thing called a camera (Cannon G10), a pad and a pencil (nothing fancy)… oh and a book bag (jack spade) …. 

Now see what  yall made me do.. just wait till the summer when I start flossing on yall.. in a recession.. on some real ignorance.. 

 I have also invested time into this thing called school.. and I will be posting some class exercises here and there (to show my progress in journalism, broadcast and photography)… I also will be posting things that please the masses still.. Like clothes, free music, and so on..

Conclusion: My whole objective for this year to infinity is to use this wordpress lay out to its fullest…  but not copy anyone else’s idea.. If I have anything posted on this blog its because I like it.. not because I want to be the first person to blog about it .. so lets put the childish things away .. and let the games begin




O yeah the random picture above.. yeah thats eye level for everyone who isn’t on the Dream Team …

(Bugz Bunny 7’s..My  everyday trekkers)


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