Stormy Subjects

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Storm rants about why he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing America Cup Prada’s.. I don’t know why its so funny to me.. I guess it’s because no one really cares.. But because he took the time out .. to vividly explain the disgust.. It only made sense to post.. 


Backstory: Prince, Storm and I, just finished purchasing an outfit for the club scene for this years CIAA weekend.. ( note: still a great turnout, due to the weather).. and  then it happened.. Just as we were about to leave Nordstroms… The absolute disgust took place..RED European CUP PRADAS .. were on the feet of  this individual.. (from memory) the man had on: a blue jeans jacket, camouflage shorts, oh and a rampled v-neck on…(me) totally fixed in the scene.. I saw a volcanoe explode, a plane crash, and an athletes toe flash across my face.. as the face of total disgust was made.. the hand went up .. and he began… with the two famous words:




Check for the sudden facial expressions



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3 responses to “Stormy Subjects

  1. BOB


  2. byRon

    I guess he has a point, but then again it’s coming from someone who style is based off of being the “first” so he can “shit” on other “niggas” and say he had it first. To me that’s a classic attempt at making someone feel worst so he can feel better, in my opinion that’s lame, most of all. His argument is gaping hole of nonsense with a little man in the middle. Since he didn’t create anything he has ever worn, how can he be like he’s shittin’ on anyone if he, himself copied some other person that has had it before him. Another thing, there are certain things that are just timeless like Lacoste/RL polos, deck shoes (which the America Cups are an update on), Churches’ Brougues, Bespoke suits, and many others that bare mentioning.

    Your man just doesn’t know and I commend you for attempting to address his ignorance, but his “Brooklyn argue another man down” thing came out of him and no matter what he was going to get the last word.


    This nigga!!!!!(pardon my ignorance)……Only if he new the GROSS PROFIT % on a pair of LV/Gucci sneakers. He’d be better off buying a pair of loafers (At least he’d get more for his money because the GP% on them are a lot lower…..800 bux for a pair of kicks that cost 30 dollar to make, LMAO…Stop FRONTIN’ you aint got AIG money)…………

    Dap, you should make a stop frontin’ like you got AIG money post.

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