Whose That?


.. On his arm…  I might be late.. Okay real late…But what can you say when  you’re not a fan of bossip… Perez Hilton.. and all that other stuff… So, when I saw this pic sent from this email from KP (Vinark J).. I could only do one thing .. and that is to investigate.. (see shane) on who the dime piece was.. I didn’t have to look far because as I scrolled down I read that it was Kanye’s new Lady.. Amber Rose… The Bald Headed .. Feline.. who is South Philly Native.. who is a model and video vixen.. (for lack of better words.. not really).. and since I’m not greedy with information and picture.. I have some pics of her showing off her body (in clothes)…  and some with uhmm.. little to no clothes ( smooth spread)




pfw ysl backstage 100309

pfw ysl backstage 100309

pfw ysl backstage 100309








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3 responses to “Whose That?

  1. fashionhead

    She’s gorgeous! a lil heavily photoshoped in a few pix tho….

  2. filthyrich1

    Wow. I feel she is trash. Definate downgrade from Alexis Phifer. I saw Alexis in person and I think she is an amazing classy looking woman. This other broad Amber Rose weak IMO. Also they dont even look good together. It is like Whoopi Goldberg dating Marilyn Manson…. sheesh.

  3. dsnizzle

    I guess it was the COOL thing to do with getting an edgy, trashy, White chick. Seeing their pictures remind me so much of Boomerang with Eddie, Grace Jones and fine-ass Halle’.

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