A “Higher-Able” Man


Now, as someone who has recruited before, I can say that there are two primary reasons why sistas are more “hire-able” than brothas. First, sistas are more qualified for alot of the entry-level, clerical jobs are there. How many brothas can type 60WPM and can answer a phone or greet people with some professionalism.?

Second, too many of us brothas don’t know when to stop “keeping it real” and start assimilating in order to get the job. Just look at some of the shit brothas are wearing at job fairs and interviews! 16-button Steve Harvey suits with baggy pants are appropriate for the club and church…NOT for an interview. Also, we a Black men have to work harder to be “less threatening” to white folks when at a job. It took me practice to “water myself down” for the work world so white men didn’t think I wanted to beat they ass (which I do want to do)and white women didn’t think I wanted to rape them (which I don’t want to do).

Understand that an interview is an opportunity to not only show your skills, but also show that you can “fit in” to the company’s corporate culture. It aint’ a time to show off your tats or your Now/Later gator shoes.


Since I totally agree with this post.. I added some pics from the Photographer

News FLASH: When the weather gets right.. I will begin hunting for the well dressed in Raleigh… for photo drops on the blog..  

Hit me up if you’re Interested … leave a comment on the blog .. 

I also snatched some more pics of some well dressed Black Men…. and one … that …. let us just say drives a caddie 


… sorry for the Small Font… WordPress.. is tripping… (Mac Users you know what to do)






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