Some Due Some Don’t




Like it or Not  the Supreme Team as of late have been receiving global recognition.. (I’m guessing … it’s their website).. and it’s left me to only think … how exactly do they do it.. In a modern day era of both the stingy and cheapSupreme has developed a cult following of people who don’t mind spending their last $180 check on a  plain  purple sweat shirt (In reference to me)… with just the Supreme logo alone stamped on it.. and .. the funny thing is .. they have been doing this since 1999h(y)r collective … beat me to the punch.. by interviewing the most down too earth member of the Supreme Team… head Marketing/Art Director Angelo Baque as he gives us fans.. some insight into where the brand was, is, and will be next season…. all while looking dapper walking through the L.E.S... check out the G10 camera.. (ICU)

Enjoy (click the word for article .. slow folks)..

– Dap


Just to let you know.. I  will spend 180 on a Supreme sweater…

Note: Quality – Trend = Supreme

Supreme x Ollie Mag x Pics x after the Jump





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