Blu x Pour House x Kooley High





I hope that the title, the pictures and the fact that I’ll be there on April 3rd leaves it self explanatory that Blu and NC state local group Kooley High will be tearing down the stage on some easy street flow at the Pour House … So…. If you are in the Raleigh (North Carolina Shout Out!!!) area and you are into real music … stop by .. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed .. and if you just are a hater or just broke.. Drinks will be on me… sounds good ? … I will be in the spot taking pictures… copping drinks … copping feels.. you know stumbling with my drink still in hand.. listening to good music.. Classic

– Dap


And if you don’t know who BLU is by now you’re are a retard…

But since I’m all in it for the educating of the people…

here take this Music For Dummies Link... (you won’t be sorry)

…. and drinks won’t be on me


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