Watch Me


Not Current … But still informative..on my lunch break… I stumbled across Acquire‘s unatainable watch section… for example… the crew from  Breitiling (my bentley on my wrist)… released a 125th anniversary remake of  of the 1952 Navitimer… check it out..



I am at this broadcasting bootcamp… so far so good.. still posting



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3 responses to “Watch Me

  1. Filthy

    Yo. Tell me all about the bootcamp man. Take pics and blog on it. Are there famous guest speakers and stuff like that?

  2. daprugby67

    Oh no doubt.. Im going to definitely post the pics… I just have been busy .. I’m taking it light .. by posting random stuff … plus.. today we are class bound from 8 a.m. – who knows…

  3. filthyrich1

    This whole experience is an amazing resume builder as well as life experience…

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