Paper Cuts


Ouch! Paper cuts hurt. The ones I am referring to however are the latest round of newspapers that are going out of print.
CNN is reporting that several newspapers across the country will stop publishing. 

This is not a good look for the already bad economy. See newspapers are cheap sources of information. A 50 cent news paper is way cheaper than TV or the internet. You dont really think about the costs of the internet or TV but unless you are a criminal, cable tv and the internet are not free. Each are like 30 dollars a month.

Newspapers going out of business means and people losing their jobs does not help the economy on a whole.

– Filthy


Please click on the CNN hyperlink for the full article… 

– Dap


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One response to “Paper Cuts

  1. Filthy

    Not only hurting the economy on a whole it makes reporters like us have to scramble! Less available jobs… so now everyone is running from print papers to online newspapers… ouch.

    Intense compeition means only the fittest will survive.

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