Uncle Scrooge Predicted It All!!!!!

Yesterday, I returned from Greensboro… as a new man.. a man who will be watching the news for once… and the funny thing is … when I signed up for the 3 day short-course .. I was in no way shape or form interested in becoming a reporter … maybe a photographer.. But now I might give it a try.. who knows.. I might be the next Ed Bradley .. and through the course.. I was able to gain a ton of connects ….  friends and readers… and so I Thank You Mrs. Wiggins.. for allowing me to be apart of something that probably changed my life… ( NABJ SHOUT OUT).. and  with that said .. I pushed the bar a little higher … and demanded more input from Filthy.. and as a man of his word… he did… with his introductory article.. 

– Dap


Uncle Scrooge Predicted It All!!

Don’t we all wish we had a pimpin rich uncle that could explain it all to us?

With our economy in such turmoil, I find it quite interesting that all of this trouble could have been avoided if our policy makers paid attention to the teaching of “Uncle Scrooge”. Our feathered friend knows a lot. I mean, he is the richest duck in Duckberg!

 Talk about Filthy Rich… lol.

 Here is a video of Scrooge McDuck from the cartoon “Ducktales” explaining to his nephews the problem with inflation. You can learn a lot from birds.

– Filthy 




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2 responses to “Uncle Scrooge Predicted It All!!!!!

  1. Filthy

    Thanks for the edit my man. Nice!!!!!!!

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