Terry Richardson x Photography 101


I believe …. The key to a good photography is enhancing what is already there. a picture is much like a good composition in writing or a piece of music…a good photography excels at making the viewer “see” with their eyes.

iconic photographer terry richardson has an amazing vision and is and artist in his own right. there big difference is a big difference between a photographer and a picture taker.


For those who don’t know.. Terry Richardson is a Photog Veteteran .. who has done advertisement pieces  for Tommy, Gucci, Supreme, Stussy, Levi’s and so on… In this piece …. he leant an ear to a more vulgar side… (I likes, I likes)..  for a watch spread (or a playboy spread … don’t you think) entitled Auto Portraits”… The photo will be featured in the upcoming  issue of  Vogue Homme International ..

– Dap


More Pics after the Jump







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2 responses to “Terry Richardson x Photography 101

  1. Filthy

    Yooooo. You laced it son. You the man.

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