Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot x Indy Favorite

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One response to “Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot x Indy Favorite

  1. byRon

    Yo, this in my opinion has been needed. I feel as if NYC ball has been slept on the past few year because the best ball players have been coming from out of unknown places, but I have yet to see anybody who’s someone, basketball-wise, NOT play in the City at some point in their careers. I am not just talking about The Rucker though, I am talking IS8(Where everybody has played), W4, etc etc. Dudes in NYC need to stop bullshittin’ and be ball player, instead of trying to be celebs and shit. While they are in the 40/40, dudes like Beasley are getting it in all around the country. We’ve had so many great ball players fail because of them trying to be famous before they actually get anywhere. Omar Cook, remember him? Showtime, he was killing since he was like 5, but where is he now. Julius Hodges? Bassy? Yatta? Russell? Caracter (although, he’s not from the city, but he played with Riverside w/ AJ who himself let go that BS and shaped up)? There are madd others that I have left out, but WTF man. If you are a BALL PLAYER be about BALL PLAYING and taking your game to the next level. Workout and stuff, fuck poppin’ bottles and looking cool (that’s for my mans Geno). Let it be known that I know and have played with some of these players, when we were younger. I just knew early that basketball wasn’t my meal ticket out and didn’t have the support that some of these kids had.

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