Thom Browne Bankrupt?


In a recent New York Post article, “that the funny pant (high-waters anyone?)  wearer might be going bankrupt”.. huh?… not Thom Browne.. it’s because .. no one can afford the 5 thousand dollar suits...(It’s a recession)… they also say its because no one want’s to invest in the Montcler and Brooks Brother (Black Fleece) designer …. The investors believe that the flooding pants might just be a fad and might not be a worthy investment..tisk tisk..  well if you ask me … (i totally disagree)… Thom Browne is the originator of modern prep.. .. so the word fad… shouldn’t even be mentioned… the word fad should be shot dead in front of a crowded arena….. and  even though I might side with the fashion guru.. there is still a great chance that we might not be seeing the  high watered suits for a while…(because investors are smoking that cheech right about now) so.. if you have any sense out there.. and you are not suffering from the lack of dollars .. that I’m currently suffering with with.. go ahead… and get those two wires rubbing together in your head… and start investing… before it’s too late..  because I can’t bare to see.. a year with another great one on  the bench… 

come on can you really stand to see this go to waste…  ’09 spring line.. 

– Dap


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  1. Filthy

    You are putting me on to game. Never heard of this guy but I like the overall look. Not too into the guys wearing skirts. I really dont think it has a place in the real world. But I like the schemes and colors and tailoring.

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