Thom Browne Denies Bankruptcy


Isn’t this something.. I could swear .. that I just posted that Thom Browne.. was on the verge of becoming… bankrupt.. Isn’t that funny.. .. I guess it goes without saying that … you can’t totally trust the New York Post.. especially when Thom Browne.. replies with a statement … reporting … he is no way near bankrupt.. and in fact would like a financial backer for future growth… But … is in no way shape or form suffering financially.. interesting.. not even a tad bit ?… hmmm. .Browne goes on to say that there are new stores in Europe and Japan that are growing fond of the high water pants  and whole sale business at this point are  up 117 percent.. with out anything else to say .. Thank You  .. New York Magazine for keeping my accreditation alive.. and my readers informed… also at the fact that I’m always checking my emails for the latest news.. I am thankful for aol.. because without you I would’ve had a rumor .. without the facts… 

– Dap



I’m no way shape or form bashing the Post.. I in fact read the Post.. well I can’t lie about that one.. I don’t..


Big Ups to GQ for the Image


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