Kim Holtermand x The Forest



Ghostdini x Portrait: It’s funny how portraits and music can go hand-in-hand.. ..In this case …  Freelance Photographer, Kim Holtermand... has somehow found a way to incorporate a Wu-Tang classic (The Forest – GhostFace – Bulletproof Wallets) with a Forest Theme.. .. in her Portrait.. you might not catch it right away.(I’m not tripping). but if you look closely with an open ear.. (I’m not tripping) you can actually .. hear the RZA on the keys.. as he mixes Sumarai Swords and Shadow Boxing audio clips in the portrait . Can You Hear it?.. .. NO?.. ..That’s Terrible!!!! ..I guess you’re the dull dimwit who only sees Trees.. Right…. and it’s okay.. I can help you ..

MESSAGE!!!! : it’s funny how must of us have lost that creative side to us.. It’s not like we purposely decided too.. but when you have a child, bills, and a job to think of .. you some how miss out on the little things.. like this.. so take the time out .. one of these days.. and sit back .. to analyze the smaller things… and before you know it..  you can hear Ghost Face .. dropping ill verses over a portrait that hangs on your wall… 

O yeah .. you can view the Copenhagen native’s work at Holltermand (her personal website), Krop and Cargo Collective… and the amazing thing is that she has only been doing this for about 2 years now.. 

– Dap





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