It isn’t a surprise to most that I am posting this … I have been suffering with an addiction for the past year.. I am not ashamed to admit it.. because just like I am addicted to magnolia’s banana pudding … I am a die hard fan of the Cup Cake Shoppe’s gourmet cup cakes.. and for 2.75 a cup cake.. you can get the best sugar rush of your life… take it from me.. trust me.. it’s well worth it.. I remember giving my professor directions to the spot… his intent was to buy one.. and ended up leaving with a half a dozen.. I totally recommend this place.. to any pastry lover… but remember once you try it.. your hooked.. so don’t say I didn’t warn you .. 

– Dap

CupCake Shoppe

Pics of my personal Favorite’s after the Jump







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  1. Filthy

    I like the look of these cupcakes. Look like quality nice packaging.

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