BKC’s x Must Have




Brooklyn Circus has produced yet another accurate piece.. this time they play on the color blue.. Speaking of Blue… “If you see the E dropp’em”.. (BLU)  will be in Raleigh tomorrow at the Pour House.. showcasing a couple of crowd favored songs from Below the Heavens.. I am mad I wont be sporting this at the event.. hey .. there isn’t anything wrong with window shopping with money in your pocket.. because it is dap to be cheap than broke…. Also .. pay a visit to the originators of the changing of the guards.. BROOLKLYN CIRCUS.. 

– Dap



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2 responses to “BKC’s x Must Have

  1. Filthy

    Ok. I really like these khakis. The look really fresh.

  2. byRon

    I concur, I like the subtleties within all of the pieces. In my opinion, the subtle notes express much more than any name, splayed boldly across anything someone wears.

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