Camo x Mercedes 300 SL


He is at it again.. If you can look closely .. you will see that this isn’t just a regular camo pattern.. But in fact a signature pattern done none other than by NIGO… yup.. A BATHING APE strikes again.. when you thought they were done.. the japanese millionaire slaps you in the face.. in fact this isn’t the first time he has done this.. but did the same thing in a Teriyaki Boyz video with a Rolls Royce .. Ouch!!!.. call that stuntin’ on a tenth degree.. Nigo also upgraded the already sooped out engine with a Custom AMG engine.. to take the car to light warp speeds.. if you ask me.. I would look like a fool driving down the street in this .. but because we understand Nigo’s excessive habit to stunt.. it won’t be a surprise to .. see him paint the whole town in Camo (literally)..

– Dap

A closer look after the jump




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