Obama x Gamu Toys


I know I’m a bit late.. But with all the rave of the Obama’s embarking on a world tour to meet with nation leaders.. it’s only right to portray the big man on campus as an action figure .. especially now with all fingers pointed at him.

Dap’s Reflective Moment:

I can remember my lil’ penny action figure.. and the way I would take it every where I went.to the point where my aunt took it from me as a punishment.. (the dumb stuffadults do to punish children).. well . I remember when I refused to call it a doll because.. if I did .. It would feel like I was playing with a barbie.. and if any one called it a doll.. I would emphasize the word action figure.. The same action figure that you wish you were.. to the point where you would communicate with the toy .. like it had human qualities.. well that wasn’t me.. but you could understand where I’m coming from when I say.. that this isn’t a doll.. but an action figure… one that wards off the bad guys.. and saves the world from.. the creature toy you hate.. the same one that you happen to haves leave on the radiator ( aka plastic man) .. 

Come on Guys.. did I just now take you back 10 years .. yea that just happened.. 

Well Gamu Toys .. make it happen … There isn’t an official price on the toy.. I tried looking on ebay… and no luck.. so if you know where.. post.. other than that.. happy hunting… 

– Dap



I wish I could purchase one.. but the website is  in Japanese writing … best luck searching..







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