Sebago “Tuxedo”





As if I didn’t say this before… I must be a prophet or something.. because I could swear I had this conversation with someone … stating that some one needs to jump on the Sebago band wagon.. ASAP.. becuse if it wasn’t for the Band of Outsiders.. I wouldn’t give two sugar honey’s about the Sprerry Brand… and .. As if I hadn’t thought about this before..Sebago finally gets its needed spot light… makes it only evident as to why the originator always tends to chill in the back… while the posers shine… Sebago gets a face lift with patent leather from Vane ( a brand I am not familiar with)… Brooklyn Circus being the creative genius’s as they are (also the great business men that they are).. took the idea of making it into a package to support their newly black denims.. which I will be purchasing next month…. 

Sebago x Vane = Classic


– Dap


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