The King Steps Down


If it wasn’t like yesterday that.. I first saw Melyssa Ford on the cover of a King Mag.. looking almost edible.. knowing that my mother wouldn’t approve  (age 16)… she would begin with her noted comments of disgust.. . I would simply reply .. “I was reading exclusively for the articles“.. But in reality.. King was a smart way of reading… it found a way to capture the mans already short attention span with tasteful pictures of women.. as to play on the known fact that the mind becomes very alert when sexually stimulated…which explains why it only took me only a half a day to finish reading a King Mag from back to front ( Majority of the time was spent on the pictures).. In essence.. I  had my share of King Magazines.. and it is really a disappointment to see it go under… according to the company won’t be realesing a final copy and in fact will be stopping with the Christina Millian Issue… I hope that they go out with another issue just for the kill… and if they do … make it Angel Lola Luv.. Please.. God ..

– Dap


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