The Greats Never Retire


It wasn’t till so long after you end up on Jimmy Fallen … doing background music.. till it hits you .. like damn… what am I doing.. I am a musician .. not a background player… I like to do tours and drop albums… In fact The Roots … made sure that they didn’t quit their day job.. They are getting ready for both the release of their album and a summer tour… According to Black Thought the Album is a celebratory album.. rather than just any other.. (I never had a just any other album from the roots actually)… The Roots are one of the only groups to never break up or never take a break from each other.. That’s love.. According to 2dope x Okay … The Roots and Quest will be having 2 fresh new events.. one entitled.. The Jam and Fantastic… where Dj Questlove will be spinning on the ones and twos.. every thursday at le Poissen Rouge... (it started already)… TOUR DATES … any one…  the new album is entitled How I Got Over… and will be released In June.. Will they ever stop?… 


– Dap

“I never dreamt of joining the hall of fame… because when I watch the boys now I still want to put on my shorts and go out there and play” Michael Jordan, Hall of Famer


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