Boogie Man x UndrCrwn




Never lost ear to my roots… Big Up to my West Indian x Flatbush connectionBROOKLYN!!!!.. I have always had many sides to my style (gotta always switch it up) .. especially if  we’re talking that that .. Green, Red, Black .. color inspired.. M1 and Sticman.. (Dead Prez).. style of clothing.. you know that incense burning in the background.. listening to Sizzla type of clothing.. So when I heard that Mos Def will trading thoughts with Sports inspired brand UndrCrwn.. I had to let yall now.. Mos became so in tuned with the collab.. Head Designer/Owner Dustin Canalin … even went as far as to do a Sneaker with Boogie Man stitched on the back.. He also states .. that Mos.. did all the sketching.. Pretty Impressive.. if you ask me.. Don’t be shocked if you see me at this years Free Park Concerts (“Summa Summa Time”).. with a Red Stripe in hand, a fresh pair of Sambas, Army Fatigue Shorts, and a Boogie Man shirt from UndrCrown.. 

– Dap


Read The Sneaker Freaks interview with Dustin Canalin


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