Chainsaw Massacre


Give a crazy man a chainsaw and he will reconstruct your home … he will take all of your useless old furniture and give it a new life span… The crazy man I talk of.. simply goes by the name Rolf or better known as (the stamped tag on his chainsaw).. His reasoning is to: 

take furniture and transform it.. By cutting away parts and adding new ones… to a piece of furniture to get a new life span.. Sometimes the cut is enough to make the piece of furniture adequate for a new function or space .. sometimes a whole new part is required.. There is a category of traditional furniture that is nor antique nor really valuable. The traditional furniture is unwanted by younger generations but often inherited when older people pass away. This furniture has a emotional value, but still we wouldn’t like to have it on our interiors.. By transforming them they can keep the emotional value and gain a place in our living space… ” – Rolf 

The chainsaw maniac will be featuring his pieces in Milan from April 21 – 23.. (Milan’s Design Week)…he will be waling around the streets of Zona Torna, showing his creations, in an imaginary quest for exhibition space..

I know every old woman with plastic covers draped over their florissant furniture’s heart just skipped a beat just now.. The funny thing is .. everyone hates their grandmothers furniture… and china sets.. and pictures.. why do old people live so old… I’m glad this generation.. is up on the leather seats .. and big screens..

– Dap



The sound of music: Granddad your cool… is what I’ll be hearing ..  





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