Kobe Doin’ Work


… is the title to Spike Lee’s latest master piece.. which is due to come out sometime this May (May 19th to be exact).. Spike and his crew were able to get a close up view of a Lakers Game .. starring Kobe Bryant.. Imagine being able to get an all access to one of the most important games of the season .. through the eyes of Spike Lee… First off it is  physically impossible.. Second, You are viewing a game with a different spin on it.. I honestly couldn’t tell you the exact spin..  Spike will take on this.. But what I can tell you .. is that .. it is always better to remain in suspense .. just know that .. there were 30 cameras recording one man who he managed to place a mic on.. Also… Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson.. gave the nod of approval so that we can get a behind the scenes.. look.. into the locker rooms.. press conferences.. and benches of the players.. also everything is uncensored.. meaning.. F bombs will be dropped like World War II.. the set piece .. will be released to the public through DVD.. so I definitely will be purchasing... Spike is at it again people.. Be on the Look Out for the Jordan Documentary.. Jordan x Kicks x Mars 


– Dap


Spike Talks with WQXI in Atlanta 


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