Triumph of The Sign


It takes a genius to stamp the Gucci logo all over a Replicated piece of Western Art.. and make an art show out of it.. Jean Charles de Castelbajac.. flipped it on us.. by showing that no one is inspired by anything new anymore.. we just mirror the old.. A.K.A. .. cultural hijacking.. As if an anvil just dropped on the face of the earth with that statement.. I can’t wait to see when something non retro-esque comes out … I am tired of the Hybrid Ideas.. people… when will it stop.. Jean Charles .. calls this his first solo exhibition entitled The Triumph Of Sign.. Don’t sleep on this .. Jean Charles is no rookie.. in fact he has collaborated with the greats of old … like.. Andy Warhol, LouLou Picasso, Bettina Rheims, Jean-Michael Basquiat, and Keith Haring. Impressive … 

– Dap

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Homework Assignment: Google those artists.. 


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  1. fashionhead

    gucci will always be a classic, but i feel that young people (in atl) are making the brand look bad

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