Don’t Match



…. At all.. Blending is what’s in.. and what has always separated the best dressed from the posers… I know it may seem difficult to grasp at first but … the good folks at Valet came up with a list of tips of what you should do and not when stuck in a doozey.. (of whether should I match the brands.. should I match colors.. should I wear all the colors on my shirt .. to my kicks..)

– Dap

Match your socks to your pants, not your shoes (or shirt). It visually extends your leg, making you appear taller. But they needn’t match exactly—simply fall in the same hue. A shade lighter or darker is just fine.

– Valet



Do not wear socks while:
› On the beach.
› Wearing driving moccasins.
› Having sex.



how bout no socks at all… risky but … ingenious… oh and for the people who try their hardest not to match … just remember the 80’s style craze is DEAD… 

more pics of people who get the point … after the jump






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