Polo Sheets


“I wear nothing but ‘Lo”… is officially my motto for .. ’09.. although.. I never do exactly just that… But… I can honestly stand by the fact .. that I have a terrible habit of buying.. useless ralph lauren brand accessories.. like socks.. boxers .. bed spreads.. wash rags.. towels.. and right now … BEDS.. yup .. you heard me … the whole bed.. yeah with the box spring… is the next step to my retarded spending habit.. I don’t know how soon .. I will be purchasing this bed.. In fact.. to keep it real with you guys.. I won’t .. ever.. especially not for $7,000.. well not right now.. But for those who can right .. now .. All the power to you bruh… because If I had it .. I  would too…anyway.. Ralph Doesn’t again.. and this time he brought bamboo with him.. in his stunning new Cape Lodge Bed.. well its not really bamboo.. its a bamboo styled four post structured bed.. from Philipine Mahagony.. with a Black Finish.. (thanks Acquire)

– Dap


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