There is no surprise  to the  fact .. that as of late.. I’ve been wearing my Lemar and Dauley Tyson sweater heavily… again.. and recieving  a ton of remarks about it.. because.. any one with the slightest bit of common sense.. will say that Mike Tyson hands down .. is one of the best boxers in history .. and if not one of .. THE BEST BOXER … ever… and .. I know … I know.. It might sound crazy.. but let that statement  set in.. just a little… take five minutes or maybe ten..  because I guarantee that if you YOUTUBE. Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts.. . you will not only be fixated … But scared shitless.. Mike Tyson’s documentary .. was not only inspirational.. But outright Hilarious  (his voice) .. and at the same time heartbreaking… because to see.. a great one fall as hard as he did.. can only make a great story.. and to see that he has a Tattoo on his face now that he can’t remove (without leaving a scar).. and to know that he sees that thing every day in the mirror.. lets him know ..the exact same thing I was thinking… what the heck were you smoking.. .. So I encourage everyone to go see the official 90 minute Tyson Documentary.. Directed By James Toback.. because the best story is only as good as if  told by the person himself.. 

– Dap


“He said.. Don’t you want to be champion..

– Mike Tyson


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